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Wedding videographer in Thailand

My name is Jakub. I spend most of my time in Poland, where I am from. This year I have decided to move to Thailand in December and I am planning to live there till April/May. Nowadays I am filming weddings all over Europe. Starting in December I hope to be filming in Thailand and all over Southeast Asia.

I perceive moving to another country as an adventure, not as a way to improve my bussines. For this reason,

I can offer You very resonable prices, starting from 500€ for my wedding videography services.

Below You can check out some of my videos. Enjoy!

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A few words about myself

My wedding videographer career has started few years ago. Since then I shooted dozens of wedding videos. I have experience of working for a big wedding video production company, where I filmed about 40 weddings. After 3 years in this job, I have realized that I need to start my own brand to create weddings videos in my way. I love being a videographer. I can express myself by my videos and that makes me happy :)

Nowadays, I am shooting about 15-20 weeding videos every year. Not only in my homeland, but all over Europe. Destination wedding videography is a way of my life and I simply love it!

Great wedding videos quality - my video gear

I am a 100% video gear freak. I spend  thousands of dollars every year to improve image quality of my films. The camera I am currently using is Sony A7s III - a new  (2020) high-end Sony camera, which allows me to shoot at 4k 120fps. I also have great Voigtlander and Zeiss lenses, Zoom and RODE audio stuff, Zhyiun gimbal, Manfrotto monopods and fluid heads, DJI drone and many, many more.

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